5 ways communities are combating climate change

Five Innovative Ways Communities Are Coping with Climate Change

If you’ve ever asked yourself 'What difference can one person make?' to stop Climate Change, you might be surprised to learn how people all over the world are finding innovative ways to make a change.

Here are five ways World Vision is helping empower communities to fight climate change.

1. Fuel-efficient cooking


Family cooks with a fuel-efficient stove in India

Eighty-five percent of Indian households rely on wood-fire cook stoves, contributing to 3.8 million excess deaths a year, deforestation, and mounting climate impacts. We are working to reduce the amount of materials used and harmful emissions by providing fuel-efficient cook stoves.  To date we have equipped more than 1,200 families with more fuel-efficient stoves allowing them to use less wood and cook in a healthier environment. 

2. Solar-powered water supply networks


Children enjoy fresh water from solar-powered water supply network in Afghanistan

In Afghanistan, where drought is crippling communities, an innovative solar-powered water supply network supported by World Vision provides safe drinking water and irrigation for crops to 100s of families.

3. Re-growing underground forests and regreening depleted resources 


Ruth a youth-advocate from Kenya helps restore farmland in her community

In Kenya, climate change has seen crops fail and rivers dry up. With the introduction of Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration, a vast ‘underground forest’ of established roots has returned to life, growing a future that can sustain communities for generations to come.

4. Equipping the next generation of climate advocates


Youth climate change advocates plant trees and pick up garbage in Myanmar

In Myanmar, World Vision partners with the ‘Guardians of Climate’, a group of children who hold tree-planting events and remove rubbish from clogged canals, and educate community members about the effects of  climate change and how to prevent it.

5. Transforming trash to treasures


Turning plastic trash into useful chairs in the Philippines

In 2018, the Philippines was named one of the top five countries that produce half of all plastic that ends up in oceans. Our team partnered with Procter and Gamble to turn 3.2 million pieces of plastic sachets and over 870,000 plastic bottles into more than 1,000 plastic school chairs.

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