A hero supports reading in Ntom community during COVID-19

Mister Krobea, a Reading Camp volunteer at Ntom in World Vision's Diaso Area Programme (AP) in Ghana, took an initiative to ride to the homes of children to distribute reading books while they stayed at home during COVID-19. “I feel motivated to ride through COVID-19 to support the children because every child deserves to read and develop their reading skills even during the pandemic,” he says.

When schools were closed as a result of movement restrictions imposed by the government to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, Reading Camp meetings were also affected. With support from World Vision's Diaso AP, the Reading Camps intensified the borrowing of books from book banks.

The book bank initiative was very successful as many children got to borrow books to read. However, some children were not benefiting because they lived farther away and could not come to book banks as regularly. 

Esther, one of the beneficiaries, was full of praise for the facilitator always visiting to share books to them: “I am always happy whenever I see Mr. Krobea because I know he is bringing me a new book to read. I am missing out on other subjects because we are not in school, but I thank God I always have storybooks to read. The gesture has helped me develop my reading skill in my mother tongue”.

World Vision's Diaso AP Reading Improvement in Primary Education project is giving hope to children through the efforts of Mr. Krobea and the Reading Camp volunteers.