World Vision helps to prevent Corona Virus at Rohingya camps

World Vision helps to prevent Coronavirus at Rohingya camps in Bangladesh

Following the World Health Organization’s declaration of COVID-19 as a global pandemic, World Vision immediately declared a global health emergency response. In Cox’s Bazar, World Vision is acting swiftly to help families in Rohingya and host communities to protect themselves.

World Vision, in partnership with UNICEF, is distributing soap to Rohingya refugees to help prevent Corona virus (COVID-19). Each family receives 10 pieces of bath soap (100 grams per piece) and five bars of laundry soap (130 grams per piece) each month for washing hands, bathing and washing clothes.

Since June 2019, World Vision, in partnership with UNICEF, has distributed 264,975 pieces of soap to 17,665 families (88,325 refugees).

World Vision’s staff members have been raising awareness about proper hand-washing since the beginning of the response in 2017 through our learning centres for children and through many other programmes in the camps.

Hand-washing stations equipped with soap and water have been set up at all our field distribution points and camp facilities, including WFP food assistance points, women’s safe spaces, learning centres and multi-purpose centres.