Woineshet Bekele smiling sitting on a sewing machine

Investing in youth strengthens the backbone of a nation!

The dreams of youths can not only change a nation for the better but can also bring positive change in the African continent and the world as a whole. And it is the society's responsibility to take proper measures for the development of the youth and to support them in making their dreams a reality.

World Vision is committed to harness the potential of youth and to support them to create a future that leads to a generation of independence. 

To create job opportunities, World Vision’s youth empowerment and development project in alignment with the government’s policy on job creation organises youths into groups and provides skills training and startup capital, that will enable them to create jobs in the areas of animal fattening, stationery, sheep rearing, metalwork, bakery, and sewing.

Woinishet Bekele is one of the 90 youths (including 23 females) in Yilmana Densa district, who received material support to create jobs and support herself. She graduated in design and embroidery from a vocational and technical school. However, she did not engage in the area of her specialisation due to a lack of funds to buy a sewing machine. She says, “I love design and embroidery work. I studied design and graduated hoping to earn a living through it. However, due to lack of finances, I did not get into design work for a longer time until World Vision supported me with the purchase of a machine and startup capital.”

World Vision provided her with a sewing machine and startup capital to help her design work. She has opened a small shop and was able to start design and embroidery work. She now earns about US$150-175 (6,000-7000 Birr) a month from the design work and is able to support her mother and her younger brother. She says, “After I started the design and embroidery work, I am able to earn a good income that helps me to live a decent life and support my mother and brother.”

Woinishet has enrolled in a traditional clothes design training at a private school to gain more skills and expand her business. She says, “These days, traditional clothes design work is a lucrative business. I am now attending a skills training at Bahir Dar, Ethiopia, that will enhance my capacity to be competitive in the market.” 

Woineshet Bekele sketching
Today, she is sketching her path of life through the threads, and we are witnessing her transformation into a successful young adult with a life full of promises ahead of her.


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