John Omara, teaching one of his students how to pronounce a word.

Addressing Barriers to Learning Outcomes in Education

By Maxine Kampire, World Vision Uganda

Teacher John Omara didn’t like teaching children in the first three years of primary school – he thought they were unable to learn.

Today, proudly listening to his third-year students read aloud, John has never been more fulfilled.

In a district where almost no primary 3 pupils can read or understand an English story, John’s class at Olekai Primary in Amuria breezes through their English notebooks with great articulation and confidence. Most can read at a primary 7 level.

Omara made the difference for them and World Vision's “Addressing Barriers to Learning outcomes in Education” training made the difference for him.

“I am well-equipped to handle each child’s specific needs and make sure all the children are moving together and that none are left behind,” Omara said.

“Attendance has improved because children love the improved classroom environment and we have a good relationship with them.”

Funded by UNICEF and implemented by World Vision, the five-year project builds teachers’ capacity to increase child participation, impart life skills and improve early grade reading.