World Vision Zambia and VisionFund Zambia launch Women Empowerment and Gender Equality Initiative

Thursday, March 14, 2024

In an effort to foster gender equality and empower women, World Vision Zambia and VisionFund Zambia have jointly launched the Women Empowerment and Gender Equality Initiative (WEGEI). The initiative aims to create a supportive environment for female staff, enabling them to realize their full potential and contribute effectively in all aspects of their lives.

The WEGEI program seeks to build women into ideal leaders, recognizing their unique perspectives, skills, and contributions. By nurturing their talents and providing growth opportunities, the initiative aims to create a pipeline of capable women leaders within the organizations.


Attracting and retaining talented female employees is a priority for both World Vision Zambia and VisionFund Zambia. The WEGEI initiative focuses on creating an inclusive workplace that encourages women to thrive and contribute meaningfully. The organizations aim to retain existing talent and attract new female professionals by providing mentorship, training, and professional development.

During the initiative’s launch at the Quorum in Kabulonga on March 7, 2024, World Vision Zambia Board Chairperson, Ms. Mabel Mung'omba, emphasized the importance of mutual support among women.

Ms. Mabel Mung'omba officially launching the initiative at the Quorum in Kabulonga, Lusaka.

“This initiative provides a platform for the empowerment and support of women in every aspect of life. By investing in women within our organizations, we not only accelerate progress toward gender equality but also contribute to the broader goal of ending extreme poverty, said Ms. Mung’omba.

She further highlighted the significance of investing in women.

“Investment in women is empowering them to lead,” she stated. “We recognize the sacrifices our female colleagues make daily to provide essential services and wellness to vulnerable children and families. Through WEGEI, we aim to ensure that they receive the support and resources needed to flourish personally and professionally.”

And VisionFund Zambia Chairperson, Mr. John Chundu emphasised the commitment to women’s empowerment.

“The women empowerment and gender equality initiative fuel transformative change. Empowering women automatically results in empowered girls. In-home settings, women wield significant influence in shaping the well-being of children, especially girls,” said Mr Chundu.

Meanwhile, World Vision Zambia, National Director Mr. John Hasse called for commitment from both men and women.

“As we embark on this journey,” he emphasized, “let us remember that our commitment extends beyond words. It requires deliberate action and collaboration.”


Simon Ziba, Chief Executive Officer for VisionFund Zambia, urged women to take the lead in the initiative.

“Let us be the change because change begins with us. No one will follow our initiative if we do not walk the talk ourselves,” said Mr. Ziba.

Speaking on behalf of the women, World Vision Zambia People and Culture Director, Ms. Ngoza Kabaso, said the initiative would help promote a better working environment for women and ensure that they have the support and resources they need to succeed personally and professionally.


Prior to the launch of the Women Empowerment and Gender Equality Initiative, a survey was conducted to determine the challenges women faced in World Vision Zambia and VisionFund Zambia. Among the outcomes were Entrepreneurship, Counselling, and Marriage.

The WEGEI initiative represents World Vision Zambia's and VisionFund Zambia's shared commitment to creating a more equitable and empowered future for women. Through deliberate efforts and collective action, they aim to transform lives and promote sustainable development.