World Vision Zambia in partnership with CFAO Motors Limited and ZANACO Bank PLC, hands over a 1x3 Classroom Block and Ablution to the Zambian Government

Thursday, September 7, 2023

ZANACO Bank PLC and CFAO Motors Zambia Ltd, in collaboration with World Vision Zambia, through the Strong Girls Strong Zambia Campaign (SGSZ), have handed over a state-of-the-art 1x3 classroom block and Ablution at Kanchomba Secondary School to the Ministry of Education in Zambia.

This milestone represents a significant step towards improving educational opportunities and facilities for girls and boys in Zambia.


Speaking when receiving the infrastructure, Minister of Education, Hon. Douglas Siakalima, said,

I am encouraged that the Strong Girls Strong Zambia campaign is solving immediate challenges and bringing about long-term change. The goals of economic empowerment of families and keeping girls in school are holistic approaches to addressing the root causes of current problems. By providing educational prerequisites, job training opportunities, and health support, you are sowing the seeds of self-determination that will lead to a harvest of opportunity and progress.

Commenting on the handover, World Vision Zambia National Director, Mr. John Hasse, said the Campaign is a game changer and equalizer for vulnerable girls as it is committed to addressing child marriage and providing rescued girls and those at risk with the chance for a brighter future through education and empowerment.


“Today's handover of the 1x3 classroom block is a remarkable achievement, and we are deeply grateful to our partners, ZANACO and CFAO Motors Zambia Ltd, for their unwavering commitment to the Strong Girls Strong Zambia Campaign. This collaboration is a testament to what can be achieved when organizations come together to support education and gender equality,” said Mr. Hasse. “This project's impact extends beyond the physical infrastructure. It represents an investment in the future of Zambia, especially in the lives of girls who face significant barriers to education. By improving access to quality education, girls are empowered to break free from the cycle of poverty and make meaningful contributions to society.”

CFAO Managing Director Dino Bianchi said that this project is not just a testament to the commitment to corporate social responsibility but a symbol of CFAO's dedication to making a tangible difference in the lives of young girls in our communities.

He further added that his focus is to improve the girl-child school finishing rate and to see increased levels of girls completing Grade 12 education.

"When a girl starts her menstrual cycle, she often drops out of school due to lack of facilities, fear of embarrassment, and the pressure to complete chores at home. In view of the above, we aim to improve the environment at school, ensure the girls have clean ablutions to support them through their monthly menstrual cycle and enable them to stay in school. In historical projects completed such as this, we have seen the student enrolment rate increase from 499 to 865 (173%). We have also seen the grade 7 pass rate for girls improved from 87% to 100%, and the retention rate increased from 87% to 95%,” said Mr. Bianchi.


And ZANACO Bank Monze Branch Manager Mr. Anthony Chalelema said that ZANACO said that the new classroom block would be a haven for learning and personal growth in and outside the classroom.

"Education is not to be confined within the walls of a classroom. It encompasses the holistic development of individuals, their communities, and their environment and as such this new classroom and ablution block represents more than bricks and mortar; it embodies hope, opportunity, and progress," he said.


World Vision Zambia, in partnership with ZANACO and CFAO Motors Zambia Ltd, remains dedicated to impacting countless girls' and their families' lives.

Key Highlights of the Project:

  • Last year, World Vision Zambia constructed a 104-bed capacity girls' dormitory, ensuring a safe and secure boarding facility for vulnerable girls who often had to walk long distances to attend school.
  • Ablution Block: To improve sanitation and hygiene, CFAO Motors and ZANACO Bank PLC contributed by providing an ablution block for the school area, addressing a crucial need for students' well-being.
  • Educational Supplies: World Vision Zambia also contributed 150 desks and chairs, further enhancing the learning experience for the students of Kanchomba Secondary School. Ablution