A success at business

Harriet, 37, is known in her village for being a prosperous, hard working and a good mother to her four beautiful daughters. All her children are healthy and go to expensive but good schools. Harriet is role model to many people struggling to make it in business. She is a successful farmer who grows a variety of food crops including maize, water melons, beans, cow peas, cassava, sweet potatoes and matooke (green bananas) on six acres of land. She is also among the few successful women in the fishing business and is an employer of 15 temporary farmers and four fishermen. However, life has not always been this beautiful for her. She worked hard and struggled to triumph over poverty and abuse. Harriet’s biggest priority in life is to educate her children who dream of becoming medical practitioners. "My children mean everything to me. They drive me to aim higher and higher so that they complete their education,” says Harriet. Harriet attributes her success to the support provided by Micro-Enterprise Development Network (MEDNet), a microfinance affiliate of World Vision. Photo by Davinah Nabirye