Uganda's refugee dancers breaking barriers


The vast majority of the 1.3 million refugees in Uganda are children and youth. Ensuring young people have creative outlets is critical.

One way refugees are expressing themselves is through dance. Meet one of the dance stars: 

“My name is Simon. I am 17 years old. I am a refugee in Bidibidi settlement.

"The problem that made me come here is because of war. And the challenges in South Sudan are very difficult. That’s why my father sent us to come to stay here. I came here with my relatives and my brother, who is my twin.

"My hope here in Uganda is to become an artist or a dancer.  What I receive from dancing, to make ourselves busy and do not think of something bad. It brings you near to your friends and they advise you in good ways.

"When you are dancing, you are bringing unity together with those people here. That’s why I like to dance.”

Simon’s breakdancing troupe practice daily at a World Vision run Child Friendly Space.