Day 1 Schedule

Day 1 (Tuesday, 2 May)

Household piped water supply and the impact on water quality, consumption levels and hand hygiene practices at the household level: A case study of Atwedie-Kenyasi, Ghana

  • WV Speaker: Robel Wamisho
  • Time: 11:30AM, Location: Yangtze 2

Rural WASH microfinance as an accelerator to attainment of SDG6

  • WV Speaker: Peter Karanja
  • Time: 1:45PM, Location: King Willem Alexander

An analysis of strengthening systems and enhancing collective action to achieve universal basic WASH services

  • WV Speaker: Panganani Njolomole
  • Time: 1:45PM, Location: Central America

“Finish the job": The last milestone to reach universal water access to everyone, everywhere

  • Time: 1:45PM, Location: Central America

Water Operator Partnerships (WOPs) as a mechanism for utility strengthening: Case study on public service delegation in Mauritania

  • WV Speaker: Marcelin Ndiaye
  • Time: 3:30PM, Location: Yangtze 1

    Improving utility performance

    • WV Speaker: Marcelin Ndiaye, Jessy Samuyachi, Souleymana Mamane
    • Time: 3:30PM, Location: Yangtze 1

    Joint sector review: Strengthening WASH enabling environment through collective accountability

    • WV Speaker: Sonia Yeung
    • Time: 3:30PM, Location: Yangtze 2

    Water resources management and 'green infrastructure' in rural Cambodia

    • Session poster by Davith Nong
    • Time: 3:30PM, Location: Amazon

    Innovative solution to address water needs in islands

    • Session poster by Clarence Sutharsan
    • Time: 3:30PM, Location: Amazon