Access to Microfinance

VisionFund Zambia               

VisionFund, a World Vision micro financial institution, is helping unblock potential for future generations. VisionFund Zambia impacts the lives of children by providing productive poor business owners with access to financial services. This enables them to expand their small business or farm and use additional income to buy food and send their children to school. 

Our services stretch into the rural districts of Zambia that have the highest levels of poverty. This enables the rural poor to take advantage of business opportunities, giving them a fighting chance to move out of poverty.

Established in 2003, VisionFund has been providing clients with small loans to begin or grow their businesses. The loans provide much-needed working capital to increase the growth of their business and consequently increase the income for their families. By focusing on women, who constitute about 70 percent of the clientele, VisionFund has been able to complement World Vision’s efforts of improving the lives of the most poverty-stricken communities in Zambia.

VisionFund focuses on providing formal financial services to farmers to enable them to invest in their agri-businesses as well as providing financial literacy training with a microfinancing lens to the project participants. 

VisionFund Zambia’s portfolio is valued at K68 million (US$7m) and has 10 main branches countrywide with over 32,000 clients.