Gift in Kind


Resources have been combined from various sources to provide holistic support through literacy, health, livelihood, protection, and WASH programs.

Our Gift-in-Kind program imports goods donated from numerous companies that complement development activities.

From In 2014 to 2016 over US$81 million of GIK was received ranging from education material, assorted furniture i.e.  - school desks and office chairs, office supplies, medicines and medical supplies and sports equipment which were further distributed to some of the most remote parts of Zambia.

World Vision Zambia has been working with the Ministry of Health to support all immunisation programmes for over five years.

Each year, World Vision provides over US$15 million of Vitamin A tablets that are distributed to all children in Zambia during Child Health Week.

Additionally, Albendazole and Mebendazole de-worming tablets are provided to Government for use in rural and urban communities.. 

Medical equipment such as theatre work suits, physiotherapy, hygiene and sanitary materials, and incubators for babies have been provided to health institutions like Levy Mwanawasa Hospital in Lusaka where many lives are being saved and rehabilitated.

School books and desks have been supplied and contributing to enhancing literacy levels. This is equally contributing to promoting and enhancing literacy in the schools. Some pupils used to sit on the floor or shared three desks meant to only accommodate two children. 

1,500 wheelchairs have been distributed over the past five years to physically challenged persons. The wheelchairs have been distributed to the health institution for improved service delivery to persons with a physical disability. Children with disabilities have also received wheelchairs to enable their school attendance.

World Vision is also supporting 30 community-based organization/faith-based organization and NGOs who are working with children.