Water Sanitation and Hygiene


World Vision Zambia has been implementing the Zambia Water Sanitation and Hygiene Programme (ZWASH) since 2009 with the goal of achieving access to clean and safe drinking water.

The aim is to achieve improved sanitation and hygiene for over 545,000 people including 310,000 children. This is being done by promoting good health through providing clean and safe drinking water in households, schools and health facilities.               

By 2016, ZWASH provided 1,244 new and rehabilitated boreholes. 17, 916 sanitation and 17, 672 hand washing facilities have been built. 503 water committees have been formed. ZWASH has also mechanised water facilities providing tap water points using solar power in households, schools and health facilities.

49 mass handwashing facilities have been installed in schools benefiting 12,800 school children and reducing the cases of diarrhea among the learners. 53,000 people participated in hygiene behavior change training at the community level.