Ending Malnutrition in Cambodia is Possible Cover Page

Ending Malnutrition in Cambodia is Possible

Cambodia has greatly improved child health over the past two decades, but poor nutrition threatens further growth and development. World Vision calls for the Royal Government of Cambodia to: (1)  Lead on the development and adoption of an ambitious multisectoral National Strategy on Food Security and Nutrition (NSFSN) 2019-2023, ensuring that it receives adequate funding and supporting the quality of implementation and the progress of its commitments to the Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) movement. (2) Improve the implementation of Sub-Decree 133 by supporting the functioning of the Oversight Board and providing a public mechanism to report violations in breast milk substitute marketing. (3) Adopt updated Community Participation Policy (CPP) and Primary Health Care Policy and integrate Village Health Support Groups (VHSGs) into the formal national health system.