The Global Week of Action 2012

2 million people, 82 countries, 2.55 million actions, 1 simple message:
Child Health Now

In response to the shockingly high number of children dying before their fifth birthday World Vision brought people together across the globe for the Global Week of Action. A week long event, held between 13th to 20th November 2012, where people raised their hands and showed their support for the millions of children at risk of illness or death from preventable causes like malaria, diarrhoea and malnutrition.

We called on children, young people, mothers, fathers, churches, work places, communities and change makers to come together for action so that all children can survive 5.We targetted 500,000 to be involved, the response we got was amazing.

Over 2 million raise their hands for Child Health Now:

With a diverse series of events, activities, press and social media taking place the Global Week of Action campaign ended by reaching over 48 million people with 2.55 million actions being taken by more than 2 million people from 82 countries. Making a very big noise and impact.

The campaign's overarching aim was to show leaders that people care about child health and want action to prevent the 6.9 million under five child deaths that happen every year. With this result it certainly did just that.

In our new report “A Global Snapshot” we share some of these activities, and results of the campaign. From youth events in Brazil to collecting wishes in Germany; television broadcasts in Democratic Republic of the Congo to one million hands raised in India, download it below and you can find out more about what went on.

Download the snapshot report here.