Menstrual hygiene

WASH Community Webinar: Focus on Education and Menstrual Hygiene

12 May 2021

Part of the focus of the 2019 Menstrual Hygiene Day was to catalyse advocacy, accountability and actions on menstrual hygiene education, to ensure that no girl is left behind because of her period. 

On Wednesday, 27 June, we hosted a webinar focusing on education and menstrual health and hygiene. You can listen the full webinar recording below, and continue to scroll down for links to presentations and other related resources. 

During this webinar, we heard an update from Ina Jurga from WASH United on the impact of Menstrual Hygiene Day 2019 and the status of menstrual hygiene education that they are tracking. We then heard two examples from some of World Vision's field programmes. 

Check out the MH Day highlight video below, and the MH Day event gallery

World Vision India shared their work to incorporate MH education into programmes in India. Our presenter was Jessy Augustine from WV India.

World Vision Uganda shared how they incorporated menstrual hygiene into their SAGE-DREAMS project. Our presenter was Julie DeSoto from World Vision United States. 

Check out this video about the menstrual hygiene work incorporated into SAGE DREAMS.