Run, Laugh, and Pray

Towards Freedom we Run.

 World Vision Jerusalem, West Bank, Gaza participated along with thousands of people in the annual “Freedom of movement” Marathon that is held in Bethlehem area of the West-Bank.

 The Marathon highlights the lack of freedom of travel caused by the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

There is no route that can be run continuously before hitting a border or road block, and the race was started by Right to Movement (RTM) as a non-political way to draw attention to this issue. Running in loops around Bethlehem starting at the Church of the Nativity and doubling back on itself passing two refugee camps and the Wall in the process. Only 10 Kilometers away from Jerusalem.

This year, around 50 individuals with their families particpated that are from World Vision staff from our different respective zones, in addition, having 28 sponsored children from southern Bethlehem villages particpating in the marathon. Followed by an innovative Faith activity, World Vision put up a blank banner with the title of "Our Prayer for Every Child" where hundereds of particpants from all walks of life gave two minutes of their time to write a prayer for the Children of Palestine.

According to the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, there are more than 500 obstacles - checkpoints, roadblocks, earth mounds, etc - across West Bank roads which restrict Palestinian movement.