Emergency Health and Nutrition Framework - CoP Discussion Resources

The 16 February 2017 Community of Practice Webinar - Notes and Resources.

Addressing the health and nutrition needs of populations affected by disasters has always been a priority focus for World Vision.  In this Community Discussion, the Emergency Health Strategy working group leaders will lead us in an orientation to a new framework for emergency response, the changes that were made, and how the strategy is taking shape within our global programmes. 

Webinar Recording:  https://wvi.webex.com/wvi/ldr.php?RCID=44cee1c62f22a29488abb586bd9a6901

Webinar Presentation:

Draft Framework for Comment: 

Please email your comments and feedback on this framework to claire_beck@wvi.org.

To learn more about World Vision's Health and Nutrition in Emergencies Programming: http://www.wvi.org/hiv-and-infectious-diseases/health-emergencies