Harvest Plus


HarvestPlusleads a global effort to improve nutrition and public health by developing and disseminating staple food crops that are rich in vitamins and minerals.  World Vision has been working with HarvestPlus for almost 15 years and jointly implemented large programs with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, EU, DFAT, DFID, Global Affairs Canada, USAID, and World Bank.Starting in 2012, World Vision (WV) and HarvestPlus (HP) developed a formal partnership, which included regular joint reviews to identify priority countries with national opportunities for integrating and scaling-up biofortified crops. In October 2016, WV and HP renewed their Memorandum of Understanding for another five years at the recent Micronutrient Forum.

The main objective of the partnership is “to advance dissemination of biofortified crops as a food-based solution to micronutrient deficiency”. Through this partnership, WV progressively increased the number of countries with programs integrating biofortified crops. In 2012, WV integrated biofortified crops in four countries’ programs (Kenya, Mozambique, Papua New Guinea, and Uganda).  In 2014, nine countries (adding Bolivia, Burundi, India, South Sudan, and Zambia) and by 2016, seventeen WV country programs (adding Afghanistan, Bangladesh, DRC, Ghana, Lesotho, Pakistan, Rwanda, Zimbabwe) had integrated biofortified crops.


Partnership Statement


Miriam_Yiannakis@wvi.org WVI Senior Technical Advisor for Nutrition

David Mbugua (Food Security Advisor World Vision Canada) David_Mbugua@worldvision.ca,

Brian Hilton (Food Security Advisor, World Vision Australia), brian.hilton@worldvision.com.au