Community Care Coalitions

The Community Care Coalition (CCC) project model is the foundational community structure for supporting various possible types of programming to ensure sustained child well-being for the most vulnerable boys and girls at the local level.

The CCC project model, originally part of World Vision’s Hope initiative, seeks to strengthen community-led care and support for orphans and vulnerable children (OVCs). CCCs are formed by joining key community stakeholders into a coalition to identify OVC-related issues within the community and to develop and prioritise action plans for responding to these issues. CCCs normally recruit and supervise home visitors (HVs), who are trained by WV staff, to make visits to the homes of OVC and to provide essential forms of care and support.

The CCC project model may work with community groups mobilised by World Vision as well as pre-existing groups that World Vision may work with and through.

The CCC model may be adopted as a foundation for other types of programming options. For example, CCCs could support a community health worker (CHW) project aimed at bringing Timed and Targeted

Counselling (ttC) around health and nutrition messages into households