Lesotho-Adolescent/ART Adherence

Sekoere first became involved with World Vision Malumeng ADP in 2001 as a RC. He lost his father in 2012 and lost his mother the following year to AIDS. Due to the stigmatization and discrimination he was required to drop out of school and he and his sister moved in with their grandmother. A few months later he fell ill with a recurring skin rash and diarrhoea and went to the clinic to receive temporary treatment.

A few months later, a WV support group member approached his grandmother and suggested that Sekoere go through HIV screening. His family knew little about HIV but as his condition worsened, his grandmother decided to take the advice. When they received his positive results, they were distraught and went to great lengths to hide his diagnosis. One day, the support group member visited to check up on him and shortly before she left, she informed his grandmother that she was HIV positive and healthy because she takes her treatment. From then on, he started participating in the support group which promotes health enhancing and behavioural change messages among peers in addition to received assistance with transportation and food.