Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Whole Community Approach

Globally, suicide is the second leading cause of death for 15-29 year olds. With increasing mental disorder worldwide there are limited mental health professionals and resources to meet demand; which is especially true in poor contexts. World Vision's 5-year SPEAR Campaign (Suicide Prevention in the East Africa Region) aims to protect youth in Kenya, Uganda, and South Sudan, using integrated and multi-stakeholder approaches. The Campaign will work in 148 districts to address complex factors contributing to suicide, including: building community awareness, promoting help-seeking behaviour, integration with primary health care for increased access to evidence-based mental health care, linking youth to economic opportunities, and advocating to governments for resources and policy change. The SPEAR Campaign will share its learnings globally through a dedicated research objective. World Vision’s SPEAR Campaign is ready to show the world unique, durable ways that community-based mental health and psychosocial support can change and save lives.