FY16-20 Strategy

For Children | For Change | For Life

World Vision Kenya’s community development approach supports a range of interventions including projects in child protection, education, health, nutrition, food security, economic development, microfinance, water and sanitation. Our goal is by 2020 World Vision Kenya will contribute, participation and well-being of 2.6 million most vulnerable children & 14 million through policy influence.

Strategic Objective One

Improved Livelihood and Resilience for youth, households and communities for enhanced child well-being.

  • Enhance capacity of households and youth for economic empowerment.

  • Improve food production for nutrition and market for targeted household.

  • Improve conflict sensitive water and environmental management for sustainable livelihood for targeted households.

  • Strengthen institutions and communities in disaster prone areas to mitigate and respond to emergencies and disasters.

    Strategic Objective Two

    Improve Protection access and quality education for children.

  • Strengthen capacity of households and institutions to nurture and protect children from abuse.

  • Improve access and quality Early Childhood Development for children.

  • Improve literacy and numeracy skills among children.

    Strategic Objective Three

    Improve Health status for children and their families.

  • Improve households inclusive access to sustainable drinking water supply, for targeted areas.

  • Improve households inclusive access to sanitation facilities and hygienic practices in targeted areas.

  • Strengthen capacity of health systems to promote maternal child health and nutrition.