Disaster Management

Goal: Saving lives through emergency response, relief and resilience building, during and after disasters:

  • World Vision works with children, families and their communities in disaster preparedness to help reduce the impact of future disasters.
  • As the world faces an array of natural and man-made disasters, the needs of vulnerable populations are evolving.  We are also changing.  
  • We are committed to helping children who are affected by disasters and will continue to do so. Before disaster strikes, we will work with children to make sure they understand how they, and their families can reduce their vulnerability to disasters. During disasters, our staff will be in communities assisting families with their immediate needs and recovery from the crisis. Following a disaster, we will continue to help children and their families rebuild their lives.
  • Our child-focused disaster management will continue to give priority to children, especially the poorest and most vulnerable, and empower them (together with their families and communities) to improve their well-being. We see the child not in isolation, but as part of a family and a community. The quality of these relationships is very important for the resilience and well-being of children. 

Areas of Focus:

1. Food Distribution

2. Early Warning

3. Disaster Risk Reduction

4. Emergency Response


We use the following approaches to implement Disaster Management projects: Cash for Assets, Food for AssetsGeneral Distribution of Food and Non Food Items.