Child Protection and Participation (CP&P)

Objective: Increase in Girls and Boys spiritually nurtured, participating and protected from violence


We are committed to preventing and responding to abuse, neglect, exploitation and other forms of violence against children — especially the most vulnerable. We go further to facilitate the participation of children in all matters affecting them within their families, community and country.



  1. Improved parental skills
  2. Increased participation of children in decisions about issues affecting them
  3. Improved capacity of Churches, Faith Based Organisations &learning institution to advocate for children's rights
  4. Improved capacity of community advocacy groups to champion children's rights
  5. Strengthened government systems & structures that help prevent children from all forms of violence.




We use the following approaches to implement Child Participation & Protection projects: .

  1. Channels of Hope
  2. Community Voices and Acton
  3. Child ProtectIon and Advocacy
  4. Celebrating Families
  5. Building Secure Livelihoods
  6. Empowered World View