World Vision International Celebrates the Completion of 15 years of Successful Programming for Child Well-being in Jenin

Palestinian children from Jenin - World Vision
Friday, August 4, 2023

Jenin, 7 August 2023

On August 7th, World Vision International celebrates the culmination of 15 years of successful programming in Jenin, which has greatly improved the well-being of approximately 39,500 children in 27 villages. Our organization began its work in Jenin in 2008 through three distinct programmes. Over the years, World Vision invested a total of US$ 22.5M, funded through our sponsorship programme, through which thousands of individual donors in Korea and Canada provided support to sponsored children, their families, and their communities.

These villages were targeted because they were among the most vulnerable communities in the West Bank, facing immense challenges, such as violence, economic poverty and inadequate health and education services, that prevented children to achieve their full potential” said Afaf Abu Dayeh, the Zonal Manager for World Vision in the North of the West Bank.

To tackle these issues, World Vision collaborated with children, parents, local authorities, and partners to design and implement evidence-based programmes over the course of 15 years. These programmes focused on education, economic development, health, nutrition, and child protection. As they near completion, compelling evidence demonstrates they have been successful at offering an entire generation of children improved prospects for achieving their full potential.

World Vision’s education programmes played a pivotal role in enhancing access to safe, quality education, supporting 68 schools through rehabilitation and capacity building of teachers. Consequently, children and their parents reported greater satisfaction with schools, resulting in improved academic achievements. Furthermore, World Vision’s work in 28 kindergartens allowed for a significant increase of the proportion of children developmentally on track for their age, from 55% to 84%. Additionally, World Vision’s Child Protection Programme strengthened the child protection system, resulting in a substantial increase in the proportion of children who feel secure in their neighbourhoods.

World Vision’s Economic Development programmes also allowed families to diversify and increase their income, enabling a growing number of households to fulfil their children's basic food needs. Additionally, World Vision’s programming notably improved the nutritional and health status of pregnant women and children aged 0 to 5 through initiatives such as the rehabilitation of health clinics and direct support to mothers and pregnant women.

"World Vision extends its heartfelt gratitude to all the partners, village councils, and most importantly, the children themselves who have been instrumental in making our programme in Jenin an extraordinary success over the last 15 years. Several local partners have committed to continuing the implementation of these programmes, and children and communities have been empowered to advocate for their rights. As we conclude our programmes, we know we leave behind more resilient communities that will continue to prioritize the well-being of children in the long term, enabling them to realize their full potential" concludes Lauren Taylor, National Director of World Vision International, Jerusalem – West Bank - Gaza.


Notes to Editors

About World Vision International Jerusalem – West Bank – Gaza

World Vision is a Christian relief, development and advocacy organisation dedicated to working with children, families, and their communities to reach their full potential by tackling the root causes of poverty and injustice. World Vision serves all people, regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, or gender. The organisation started to work in Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza in 1975.

Since then, World Vision JWG has developed one of the largest community-based presence of any organisation operating in the West Bank with 91 dedicated staff and a total annual budget of $11 million USD in 2023. In 2022, our programming on education, early childhood development, child protection and child resilience benefited directly more than 233,000 people, including 169,000 children in 150 villages in the West Bank.

About World Vision in Jenin

World Vision started to work in these 27 villages in Jenin in 2008 through 3 programmes targeting around 77,500 people, including around 39,500 children.

  • In South Jenin, World Vision worked in 9 villages (Al Attara, Jadidah, Misilya, Siris, Jaba, Al Fandaqomiya, Silat Ad Dahr, Anza, and Al Asasah
  • In Northeast Jenin, World Vision worked in 10 villages (Jalqamous, Al Mughayyer, Em Al Tut, Raba, Deir Abu Deif, Bait Qad, Jalboun, Faqoua, Arraneh, and Al Jalamah).
  • In West Jenin, World Vision worked in 8 communities (Imreha, Al Khuljan, Um Dar, Yabad, Tura Al Gharbiyya, Tura Ash Sharqiyyah, Kferit and Nazlit Ash Sheikh Zeid)

About our Sponsorship Programme

The projects in Jenin were funded through our sponsorship programme for a total budget of around US$ 22.5M. This programme is a way to support participating children, their families and communities, to build a better future for themselves. Through the sponsorship programme, vulnerable children, their families and their communities are matched with individuals sponsors from all over the world who support them over several years. Because of our community-focused solutions, for every sponsored child, four more children in the community benefit too. 

Our programmes in Jenin received the support of thousands of individual sponsors from Korea and Canada who directly supported sponsored children, their families, and their communities in these villages over 15 years.