Close the Gap: Thousands begin to mobilise today


World Vision Taiwan mobilises for Close the Gap

Today marks the start of World Vision’s brand new global mobilisation ‘Close the Gap.’

With two years left until the 2015 deadline, much more needs to be done if the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) are to be met and millions of children have the chance to survive 5. This is why we need as many people as possible to join a global call leaders to close the gap on health poverty.

“The world has made great progress in reducing the number of children under five dying each year” said Andrew Hassett, Global Campaigns director at World Vision International. “In 2000, 12 million children under five were dying before their fifth birthday and today, but through concerted and sustained efforts of governments, the UN, development organisations and others, we have now closed the gap to less than 7 million.”

The Close the Gap mobilisation will make a noise in over 45 countries around the world. Engaging hundreds of thousands of people including: civil society groups, youth networks, government officials, and faith groups. Launching ahead off the 2013 UN General Assembly, the mobilisation will generate  public support behind the message to world leaders that immediate action is needed to achieve the MDGs.

Join us and become a World Vision Gap Closer! Join. Act. Support. Know. Share. Five actions in five minutes. This is all you need to do to support World Vision in calling on world leaders to close the gap.