Stories of Change_GPOP project

Stories of Change - GPOP project

Stories of Change is a collection of seven success stories about the lives of women who participated in the Gender Inclusive Pathways Out of Poverty (GPOP) project funded by DFAT and facilitated by World Vision Bangladesh. The project’s goal was to empower women with the skills and inputs needed to pull themselves and their families out of ultra-poor levels of poverty. The project began in July 2018 and will continue for five years.

The project is working with 2880 ultra-poor families aiming to bring improvements in household income, food security, financial inclusion and raising knowledge in social and gender inclusivity for the women participating in the project.

In the 2020-2021 period, despite the pandemic, 94.1 percent of the first cohort of participants successfully graduated from ultra-poor status. The project is already undergoing the graduation process for the second cohort.