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Transforming Education to Protect Children's Right to Education in Emergencies and Crises Virtual Roundtable

Outcome Report - June 2022

As part of efforts to advance political will and momentum for Education in Emergencies Protracted Crises (EiEPC) ahead of the G7 Summit (June 26-28), Transforming Education Pre-Summit (June 29-30), Transforming Education Summit (September 19), and the Education in Emergencies (EiE) High-Level Financing Conference (February 2023), a roundtable discussion was hosted on June 9, 2022, by World Vision International, Global Campaign For Education, Global Campaign for Education-US, 100 Million Campaign, Send My Friend To School, and the United Nations Girls’ Education Initiative (UNGEI).

This event brought together 87 global education stakeholders from over 25 organizations across the (EiEPC) community, including world leaders, policymakers, teachers, donors, international organizations, civil society organizations, youth and student-led organizations, to have open, meaningful, and reflective discussions on the three following critical challenges and needs of the EiEPC sector:

● Increasing Gender Equality and Support to Marginalized Groups

● Increasing Resilience in Education

● Increasing Accountability and Financing