Risk Communication and Community Engagement during COVID-19


Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) Guidance for World Vision Staff, Frontline Workers, Community Health Workers & Volunteers

Last Revised: 12 June 2020

This RCCE Training Guide is intended for training of Community Health Workers (CHWs), Community Heath Volunteers (CHVs), World Vision health staff, and other Frontline Workers on COVID-19 transmission, symptoms, treatment, home-based care, Child Protection considerations, and mental health. Some portions are also useful for training of other World Vision and partner staff (with and without modification). Given the restrictions on movement and interaction in many countries to prevent the spread of COVID-19, this training guide has been designed as a self-guided tool, where individuals can learn on their own. It can also be used by a facilitator with a group of trainees. A list of SMS messages which can be used to share information about this guidance is included in Annex B at the end of this document. This guide can also be used by staff to construct their own digital and mass media messages.

Field Offices should consider sharing this guide with their national government officials and other organizations that may not have developed their own guidance or may be in the process of developing one. This guidance is in alignment with WHO guidance.

For more information about this guide please contact: health@wvi.org