Home Visitors and Community Health Workers COVID-19 Vaccination Messaging Guide

HV & CHW COVID-19 Vaccination Messaging Guide
Thursday, March 3, 2022

Also available in Ukrainian and French

The fight against COVID-19 and new variants is not over. Vaccines have demonstrated an incredible effectiveness at preventing serious COVID-19 disease. The best way now to protect and build on the progress made so far is to help as many people as possible around the world to get COVID-19 vaccinations while ensuring an ability to act quickly in response to any future developments of the pandemic. This will be critical not only to protect the children and families we serve, but also to protect the entire world against continuing waves of virus variants. Building skills in the promotion of vaccines can also help us to prepare for the next pandemic.

World Vision has a new tool to help community health workers, home visitors, and other partners to understand how to counsel families to increase COVID-19 vaccine uptake, and the questions and answers (messages) to use to be most effective. The Home Visitors and Community Health Workers COVID-19 Vaccination Messaging Guide is divided into two sections. The first section explains important findings from behavioural science (including from Barrier Analysis studies) to keep in mind when one counsels people on vaccination, and the second section focuses on questions and answers to use when promoting COVID–19 vaccines. Some of the same behavioural science findings will be useful, of course, when promoting demand generation for other childhood services and uptake of behaviours.

World Vision offers this guide for your use. You are free to reproduce and use this booklet or a portion of it, adding your logo, under the conditions mentioned on page two. If you decide to use this booklet, please let us know (at health@wvi.org) where you are using it, the results you are seeing, and any suggestions you have for improvement of this resource.