Nepal COVER Project Phase II SitRep10 cover

Nepal COVER Project Phase II SitRep10 (14 July 2021 update)

Following are the major highlights of Nepal COVER Project – Phase II, as of 14 July 2021:

  • 11,738 self-learning materials of the total 29,000 including stationary items (a dozen pencils, a notebook, an easer, a sharpner, a pack of color pencils, clear bag folder and a set of self- learning books) have been distributed in 12 WVI Nepal's working districts as of as of 13th July, 2021. Self-learning materials have been provided with an aim of keeping all children learning even during closure of schools during the COVID-19 lockdown.
  • The eighth episode of radio programme "Hamro Ghar Hamro Paathsaala" has been broadcast to remotely engage children to continue their learning during the prolonged nationwide COVID-19 lockdown.
  • A cross-sectional rapid assessment was conducted in 15 districts of six provinces of Nepal (except Lumbini Province) with a representative sample of 657 adults and 689 children. Major findings include: the prevalence of severe food insecurity (food enough for one month or less) has doubled during COVID-19 as 35% of the households face severe food insecurity during the second wave compared to 18.6% prior to the pandemic; only 20.7% of the total children had access to virtual learning sessions; and 84.4% respondents heard about COVID-19 messages and 82% were aware about preventive measures to contain the coronavirus.
  • 7,918 out of 8,614 households have benefited from food consumption support as of 13 July, 2021. The food package lasts for almost three weeks for a household of four members.
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