Communities are ready to respond disasters

Afghanistan is a country endowed with natural beauty. The land of mountains. It is a unique gift of nature.

Nevertheless, this priceless gift is suffering from the impacts of unforeseen natural disasters.

Community in Khaja Sarbor village of Herat province remember when floods damaged their homes and farming lands back in 2020.

This community faces the risk of droughts, floods, landslides, and fire outbreaks.

In order to mitigate and address the effects of natural disaster related risks, World Vision Afghanistan assisted the villagers to form and train Disaster Management Committees comprised of men, women and youth groups from the community.

This was achieved through funding from World Vision Canada.

Vulnerability capacity assessment as well as hazard mapping is carried out by community members through participatory training that was conducted by World Vision Afghanistan in coordination with Afghanistan National Disaster Management Authority, Community Development Councils and also the district authorities.

Awareness sessions provided by the committee helped local community be better equipped with knowledge about risk reduction.

World Vision works to protect the children and their families to get prepared for natural, man-made and complex emergencies across the world.