Children of Appiatse community receive donations from World Vision after fire explosion

To compensate the affected children in Appiatse community who lost their families due to a fire explosion and have gone to settle in nearby communities, World Vision mobilised funds to donate 67,000 Cedis (approximately US$ 8,400) worth of educational items such as exercise books, school uniforms, school bags and other essentials.

As part of our core values, we strive to be responsive to the needs of vulnerable children and provide support in every way we can in emergency situations. The aim of the donation was to facilitate learning with the availability of learning materials. We also saw the need to put up structures that would serve as learning centres for children who are not schooling.

Children are our future leaders. Therefore, it beckons on us as a child-focused organisation to lay a good foundation by equipping them with knowledge and providing quality education, which are bedrocks for success.