Collaborating to improve feeding practices in Ghanaian communities

Thursday, March 10, 2022

A joint project between World Vision and The World Bank dubbed 'Improved Feeding Practices' sought to improve feeding practices among mote than 5,000 women of reproductive age including pregnant and lactating women as well as children under two years.

Seventy communities within the three districts (namely Kintampo South, Kaseena Nanakana and kyere) benefited from the project. The objectives of the project included working closely with community members and stakeholders to build their capacity to be able to provide sustained intervention within communities and to address issues of malnutrition. A number of groups were formed to receive training on the various models of the project, which include health screening for malnourished children and others suffering from deteriorating health conditions, mother-to-mother group discussions on child feeding practices such as exclusive breastfeeding among others. Men were also not left out in all this, as they gained knowledge on child welfare to be able to help women around them in taking care of children.

Medical supplies (such as weighing scales to monitor the growth of children and other equipment for monitoring anaemia) were procured to equip health centres to improve health care delivery. Two leaders from each group were trained as health volunteers to supplement the efforts of health care providers as they gain practical experience on health care services to be able to apply in any health situation they are faced with.