'Unlock Literacy' impacts positively on the learning outcomes of children across Ghana

As part of its obligations to help the most vulnerable children reach their full potential, and with funding from the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA), World Vision developed the Unlock Literacy project which supports more than 23,000 children in early grades to learn and read.

Unlock Literacy provides level-appropriate, context-based and inspiring story books in mother languages to support early grade readers, while more than 1,500 teachers received instructional support in teaching local languages across the Afram plains north and south districts. Testimonies from relatives of the beneficiaries indicate that there has been an enormous impact on the learning outcomes of children. Children are able to give accounts of what they are taught after class sessions.

The model of the project is to incorporate local languages in teaching and learning as a way to preserve culture heritage. Following the implementation of the project, World Vision won the UNESCO-Japan prize on Education for Sustainable Development due its impact.