Victory Kids’ Club; Heart of Odomase Community

Tuesday, October 4, 2022

The kids’ Club is an initiative by World Vision to bolster the education and development of children in Area Programmes (APs). Through the club, children share ideas on issues facing them, and their communities and suggest ways to address them.

The Victory Kids’ Club in Odomase Community is one of the most outstanding Clubs in Afram Plains AP. This Kids’ Club usually meet to exchange ideas, communicate and take the floor to express themselves which has strengthened and improved their level of self-confidence.

The impact of the club is such that lessons taught equip participants with knowledge and understanding of their rights and issues confronting them and their communities to be able to advocate for change.

World Vision collaborates with its partners like National Ambulance Service, National Fire Service, and Ghana Health Service among others educate and train club members on first-aid practices in cases of bleeding, reproductive health, peer pressure, fire and safety, and spiritual nurturing among others.

Members of the Victory Kids’ Club through empowerment have initiated laudable projects which are the Ice Cream Project and the Kiddie Save. The Club through these innovative projects has been able to raise funds to cater for the medical bills of some colleagues, buy soccer jerseys for their school girls’ soccer club, acquired health insurance cards for members who didn’t have and supported some colleagues with educational materials.

Members of the club are equipped with knowledge and understanding of child rights, issues of child abuse, child marriage, and any other issues confronting them and their communities, and plan their advocacy along those lines. Their activities are gradually transforming their environment for good.

 At World Vision, we consider child and youth’s meaningful, safe, and appropriate participation a key strategic priority for ensuring sustained child well-being and creating democratic societies with informed and engaged citizens. This is why we look forward to the new frontiers of child and youth participation. As our organisation grows in its understanding and practice of participation and representative voice, we have developed a Strategic Direction for Child and Youth Participation to improve our ways of working, define new goals, and overcome new challenges in child and youth participation