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Minas Kilani: A Sponsored Lawyer for Children’s Rights

A bright future

“My twelve-year sponsorship experience with World Vision Jerusalem – West Bank – Gaza was a journey at which I transitioned from an average childhood to a successful leadership adulthood life,” says Minas Kilani. Minas was a sponsored child from the age of nine until she turned 21. According to her, World Vision’s workshops and sponsorship activities, that targeted children and youth in her community, helped unleash her skills and talents.

The most important point Minas recalls in her involvement in World Vision activities, was nominating her at the age of 15 to participate in an international children conference in Tanzania. “I was chosen to speak on behalf of the Palestinian children at the conference, which made me very happy and proud. I told a story about Palestinian children through what I love to do; drawing on sand,” she proudly remembers.

This experience exposed Minas to the suffering of children around the world. She realized that many children around the world are living almost the same conditions as Palestinian children. Such an experience encouraged Minas to be part of the global effort to defend children’s rights. “I remember when I told my parents that I want to defend children’s rights when I grow up, they looked at me with surprised eyes. They did not imagine that such a short exposure to another country, would have such a huge impact on me,” she says.

Today, Minas’s parents are witnessing their daughter’s wish came true, as she graduats from college with a law degree. She is determined to use her degree to defend the rights of children and help them grow in a safe and healthy environment. And yet, Minas is planning to continue her studies to obtain a Master’s degree in international law.

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The impact of World Vision

“I was impressed by the style of World Vision’s activities. They are different from other organizations working in my community. Children continue to benefit from the different World Vision’s project models through various ages of their lives,” shared Minas. “We would desperately wait for the summer camps conducted by World Vision and other activities that involved children, parents and community; they were the most fun, informative and effective,” she added. When she was at school, Minas also benefited from the tutoring classes provided by World Vision’s programs, and she enjoyed going to World Vision’s safe play area at her village. She was also part of the student parliament, which helps identify and develop skills and capacities of youth. 

“It was a joy to receive a letter from my sponsor after waiting for it desperately. I always wanted to share my progress at school and my achievements with my sponsor,” Minas reflects positively on her time as a sponsored child with World Vision. Minas feels grateful for the opportunity to be sponsored by an active Canadian woman. “She was so nice to me and always enthusiastic about hearing my stories. Having someone caring for me from another country, gave me the hope for a better tomorrow.”

Minas’s great sponsorship experience, made her plan to sponsor a child herself in the future. In the meantime, she is volunteering with World Vision and other organizations at her community. She is part of many initiatives that target children in her area, such as visiting sick children at hospitals and give them hope and help.