Investing in the Future: Mufwambe Primary School Pupils Receive 300 Kids Savings Books from World Vision Zambia and REZIL Consultants Limited

Wednesday, November 8, 2023

By Christabel Mundike, Communications, Zambia

Every year on October 31st, the world celebrates World Savings Day, a global reminder of the vital role saving plays in securing our future. This year, World Vision Zambia joined the celebration by organizing an event at Mufwambe Primary School in Chibombo District, where pupils and Teachers gathered to learn about the importance of financial savings.

During the event, World Vision, in partnership with REZIL Consultants Limited, donated 300 "Kids Savings Books" to enhance the children's understanding of saving.

The authors of the book, Yondela Mauwa and Chipili Lumpa Mwaba, were present to share their experiences and engage with the pupils during the celebration.

Ms. Mwaba emphasized the significance of World Savings Day and encouraged the children to start saving.

“This day serves as a reminder for partners, stakeholders, and various markets on the importance of saving. Saving is a crucial means to secure and enhance the financial well-being and overall health of community members, with a particular impact on women and children,” she said.


She added that teaching pupils about saving instills a lifelong habit and encourages them to start practising it from a young age. “As we explore the content of the book introduced and launched today, it becomes evident that saving empowers children to build their future,” she said.

"They learn to set goals, develop determination and dedication to saving the little they have today, with the intention of using it in the future. This not only allows them to grow their money but also enables them to invest in larger endeavors that contribute to their well-being as they mature," Ms. Mwaba further explained.

Meanwhile, World Vision Zambia's Savings Group and Financial Inclusion Specialist, Ethel Mulenga, took the opportunity to engage with the pupils, imparting essential knowledge on the lifelong benefits of saving. She emphasized that financial saving is a crucial life skill that can benefit both children and adults, both now and in the future.


"Saving is a crucial life skill that benefits us both now and in the future. So teaching young learners to save equips them with the knowledge and tools for making wise financial choices throughout their lives," said Ms. Mulenga.

By fostering financial awareness in children, World Vision also aims to create financially literate adults. Ms. Mulenga stressed that it's important to understand that many aspects of life have a financial component, and by encouraging saving habits in children, they will be empowered to manage their finances confidently.

One of the students, Purity, a grade 7 pupil at Mufwambe Primary School, shared her experience with the school savings group. She expressed how the group had helped her understand the significance of saving money.

“My involvement in the school savings group has taught me the importance of saving money. I save to be prepared for unforeseen circumstances and have also learned valuable skills like investing and engaging in businesses such as gardening. I thank you, World Vision, for these opportunities," Purity said.


The celebration at Mufwambe Primary School highlighted the importance of World Savings Day and the efforts made by organizations like World Vision Zambia and REZIL Consultants Limited to promote financial literacy among children, ultimately equipping them with the skills to secure their financial futures.