2016-2020 World Vision Uganda Strategy

The 2016-2020 World Vision Uganda strategy emanates from and builds on the achievements, lessons learnt from our past national strategies and also takes into account our key national level and program issues surrounding child wellbeing.

Our presence in over 70 districts out of 112 districts in Uganda, with programs in 450 sub counties out of 1381, presents yet another opportunity for broader collaboration and engagement with central and local governments and other development partners in addressing specific child wellbeing issues identified in this strategy.

In the next strategic period of five years, we will contribute to improved Household Resilience, Protection and Sustained Well-Being of 6,000,000 Children, especially the most vulnerable by 2020. As we operationalize the strategy, the following 7 areas will be among are priorities to be addressed:

a) all children have birth certificates,

b) there is no child Marriage,

c) there are no maternal deaths,

d) no child dies before age of two,

e) no child drops out of school,

f) all children read and write

according to their age and g) farming is taken as a business.