World Vision Uganda
publication • Wednesday, December 13th 2017

Responding to Uganda's refugee crisis - Situation Report #17

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World Vision continues to respond to the refugee crisis in northern Uganda, where more than one million people have crossed into the country since 2013. 

With its ongoing response, World Vision is drawing attention to:

  • This is a children's crisis: 60% of Sudanese refugees in Uganda are children. Many of the children have witnessed violence. There is a need for sustained attention by all actors to address child protection.
  •  Children in foster families need more support: Thousands of unaccompanied children who have arrived in Uganda have been placed in foster families. Apart from the assistance given to all refugees, these children require further support to address their psycho-social, educational and financial needs.
  •  Out of school youth are an economic engine waiting to be harnessed: Youth are the majority of the population and most of them are unemployed. Promoting employment by bridging the needs of the labour market and building the capacity of youth is needed.
  • Refugees continue to arrive: Uganda currently hosts 1-million+ South Sudanese refugees in the West Nile Region. Refugees are fleeing from conflict and hunger. More South Sudanese people will continue to flee until the root causes of the conflict are addressed. An inclusive and sustainable political solution is the only way forward to achieve lasting peace in South Sudan.
  •  Sustainable projects for refugees and host communities needed: Agencies need to focus on empowering refugee communities to sustain themselves. The established refugee settlements have showed great potential to produce their own food, both for domestic consumption and income generation. Projects that provide refugees with seeds, access to agricultural land and skills training will provide long-term, sustainable benefits to refugee communities.
  •  World Vision continues to respond to the refugee crisis in northern Uganda: The organization is the lead agency in distributing food assistance to all five refugee settlements. As well, World Vision is playing a significant role in child protection - leading the sector in Imvepi settlement and co-leading in Bidibidi and Omugo settlements.

Details about World Vision's response are available by downloading the Situation Report.