World Health Organization (WHO)


The World Health Organization(WHO) is responsible for directing and corrdinating international health. World Vision International has mantained an official relationship status with WHO since 2013. Since then, WHO and World Vision have joined together in several joint activities, including the following:

  • Techanical assistance on the development and testing of the Quality of Care(QoC) in health facilities for women, newborns, and children
  • WV collaborated with WHO on developing safe burial practices in Ebola-affected countries
  • WV gained WHO support in the implementation of different plans on maternal and newborn health, including the Every Newborn Action Plan, the Commision on Information and Accountability(COIA) and Resolution WHA 65/6 for maternal, infant and young child nutrition


Mesfin Teklu, Family Women'a and Children's Health FWC:

Sue England, Every Newborn Action Plan ENAP: