“I’m a son of a huge family around the globe”

World Vision’s commitment is to meet the needs of the most vulnerable around the globe, especially children. Its strategic focus includes helping provide children with good health, access to education, love, protection and a place for children’s voices to be heard. 

By partnering with local churches, World Vision seeks to strengthen local leadership and equip them with the resources and training necessary to carry out the shared mission among the poor and oppressed.

“I have been working with World Vision for 13 years. My child is only 11 years old this year,” shares Arman Muradyan, World Vision Armenia Gyumri Area Development Program Specialist. “My work is my eldest child to me!” he adds, smiling.

Arman started working in World Vision Armenia’s office as a Project Assistant. But, over the past 13 years, he has worked in many positions, contributing to the betterment of the lives of many children in the communities where World Vision works. Currently, Arman is leading the projects for youth in Gyumri Area Development Programme.

"Our donors and supporters are blessed by Lord. They change thousands of lives across oceans"

“World Vision has a unique structure,” explains Arman. “Our donors and supporters are blessed by Lord. They change thousands of lives across oceans. Their prayers reach us across the globe,” he adds, remembering his work in the Sponsorship Department, where he dealt with messages between sponsors and children.

After living under the Soviet Union regime for nearly 68 years, the situation was difficult for the Armenian Apostolic Church. It became a regular target of criticism in educational books and in the media. The church struggled greatly under Communism. Although Soviet leaders persecuted the Armenian Church, it survived underground and in the Diaspora. Today, Christianity and priests play a significant role in the average Armenian family.

“I remember a boy from a vulnerable family who took part in one of World Vision’s summer camps a few years ago. The negative attitude of his parents toward the church made him keep away from the church and from friends. Through participating in World Vision activities, the boy started visiting the local church secretly,” shares Arman. “Our staff members remember the change this boy made in his family, day by day without even sharing his secret. Later, his parents went to the same church to baptize the boy,” he adds.

"He had faith and a strong belief that he could do many things for the community he lives in with God’s help"

“The first time Arman stepped into World Vision’s office on a call for project assistant position. He had faith and a strong belief that he could do many things for the community he lives in with God’s help,” shares Ashkhen, Arman’s spouse of 15 years.

“God has always walked next to me, raising me up when necessary,” says Arman. “Over time, my prayers became more general, not centralized only on my family. I started praying for the health for those who needed it; I prayed for the cheerful childhood for the kids and prayed for opportunities for everyone who needs them. I feel honoured to be part of World Vision’s huge family around the world,” concludes Arman.

World Vision promotes community participation and amplifies youth voices to address community issues before local authorities. Through14 Area Development Programmes in Armenia and four in Georgia, World Vision serves more than 52,000 children and their families, with the help of the 307 professional and committed staff.

World Vision engages, empowers, transforms, endows, develops, amplifies, advocates, delivers and supports families in need and our partners as we work together toward the common aspiration that children live in a healthy and active society that is inclusive and tolerant and provides equal opportunities for all.