Seventeen life-changing summers for more than 33,000 children of Armenia

For 17 years, World Vision has been organizing Christian Summer camps for the most vulnerable children across Armenia. Over the years, World Vision has turned the summers of the most vulnerable children in Armenia into uninterrupted moments of joy; with games, nutritious food, learning and sport activities.

The core activities of the camps include: Bible study classes, educational sessions on child rights, healthy lifestyles and nutrition, first-aid and hygiene. The most inspiring are the sessions, however, are the ones led by priests from the Armenia Apostolic Church who teach the youth Christian values as they remember the ancient Armenian churches and Christian traditions together.

This year, the summer camps, organized by World Vision hosted 2,700 children in the country’s beautiful resorts in: Hanqavan, Tsaghkadzor and Vanadsor throughout the summer.

Throughout the history of the camp, more than 33,000 children from Gyumri, Amassia, Tavoush, Stepanavan, Alaverdi, Vardenis, Gavar, Sisian, Kapan, Tchambarak, Talin, Aparan and Yerevan have participated. Today, the children speak with one voice as they share their excitement and unforgettable memories from their experience at summer camp.