Mothers of Armenian children with disabilities raise awareness

Mothers of children with disabilities exhibited and sold their hand-made crafts during an Easter charity fair organised to improve the financial situation of families and to increase awareness about child focused disability related issues.The exhibition and handicrafts were direct products of the World Vision Armenia handicraft classes for the mothers of disabled children in Tavush region, helping them to create additional income for their families and also get actively involved in social life.

“Mothers of children with disabilities have no time to work, because they have to take care of their children all day long. Handicraft allows them to spend time with their children and it also helps them earn some money, which is so important for their families”, says World Vision Armenia CPP Cultural Worker Hasmik Poghosyan.

Armenian traditional carpets, pillows, bags, pottery, wooden ornaments, handkerchiefs, scarves, as well as colorful Easter eggs, decorations, wooden crosses and other Easter presents were just some of the items exhibited and sold.

World Vision closely cooperates with “Armenian Woman and World” NGO in organizing capacity building trainings that help the beneficiaries to improve their handicraft skills and produce more valuable and market-oriented products.

We want to give the talented and active women an opportunity to have additional income and help their families

“We want to give the talented and active women an opportunity to have additional income and help their families”, says the head of the “Armenian Woman and World” NGO Anahit Stepanyan.

Among the visitors of the fair were the Major of Ijevan Varouzhan Nersisyan, local authorities and the representatives of local and international NGOs that operate on the child protection field and focus on disability issues. This fair not only improves the financial situation of the families but also it has a significant role in increasing the awareness of people on disability related issues, mainly the problems, children with disabilities and their families face.

The initiative is going to become a continuous event. Child Protection Programme together with “Armenian Woman and World” NGO are planning to organize charity fairs regularly. They also plan to exhibit the hand-made crafts of the parents in the souvenir shops, hotels and restaurants.