Board of Directors

The World Vision International Board is the ultimate governing body for the World Vision Partnership. It has two major responsibilities:
  • Ensuring the overall health and well-being of the Partnership. It achieves this by overseeing the international president’s management of the Global Centre, national offices that are branches of World Vision International, and programme and project offices around the world. In this way, the board exercises its fiduciary oversight over management and operations in these offices.
  • Ensuring the alignment of World Vision offices around the world, including developing appropriate Partnership-wide policies. Again, the principal way the board accomplishes this is through oversight of the international president’s responsibility for the alignment of offices.
The World Vision International Board consists of 24 directors. With the exception of the international president, all directors including the chair are non-executives (i.e. they are volunteers who are not compensated for their service on the board).
Directors are elected by regional forums. Each national board or advisory council sends a representative (usually the chairperson) to the forum for the region in which their office is located. Regional forums do not themselves have a management or direct governance role, but they do provide input to global and regional strategies.
They play an important part in connecting national boards and advisory councils to the wider World Vision Partnership. This helps to ensure alignment of governance direction.

Board Members

Ms. Donna Shepherd, Board Chair, Australia

Ms. Maria Consuelo Campos, Board Vice Chair, Colombia

Rev. Joseph Soriba Camara, Board Secretary, Mali

Mr. Andrew Morley, President and CEO, United Kingdom

Mr. Shannon Adams, Board Member, Australia

Mr. Anton Asfar, Board Member, Jerusalem/West Bank/Gaza

Dr. Monica Chibita, Board Member, Uganda

Dr. (Rev) John Crosby, Board Member, United States

Ms. Tara Doyle, Board Member, Ireland

Mr. Eduardo Cabral Jimenez, Board Member, Philippines

Dr. Ruddy Koesnadi, Board Member, Indonesia

Mr. Philip Koh, Board Member, Malaysia

Mr. Peter McClure, Board Member, New Zealand

Mr. Ron McKerlie, Board Member, Canada

Mrs. Suanne deBoer Miedema, Board Member, Canada

Mrs. Sibongile Modise, Board Member, South Africa

Mrs. Rosa E. Santizo, Board Member, Guatemala

Dr. Ivan Satyavrata, Board Member, India

Dr. Manuel Antonio Sierra, Board Member, Honduras

Dr. Joan Singleton, Board Member, United States

Dr. Pirjo Stahle, Board Member, Finland

Dr. Il Sun Yang, Board Member, South Korea

Mr. Sui See Yuen, Board Member, Hong Kong