Friday, October 16, 2015
Refugees in Serbia face rain, dropping temperatures
As temperatures in Serbia decrease, thousands of refugees continue to arrive inadequately dressed and without proper footwear.“When I see them walking wearing flip-flops, without any warm clothing... my heart hurts,“ says Admir Cigic, World Vision's staff at a distribution point in Serbia.
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A Child Friendly Space provides relief for refugee children in Serbia
On October 4th, World Vision, together with UNICEF, opened a Child Friendly Space (CFS) for refugees crossing at the Bapska border between Serbia and Croatia. In CFS, children are able to spend time playing and drawing, while mothers were provided with space to breast-feed and rest."It is very important to have space for women and children where they can have protection and privacy as well as some normalcy," said Weihui Wang, World Vision's Child Protection and Participation Lead in Serbia. 
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October 5th 2015
Women building better tomorrow
Organized with an aim to help women traumatized by war, a local women’s organization grows to much more. Just after the war ended, a group of women in a small Bosnian town gathered to try and deal with their war traumas together. The situation was difficult and, as with many other places in Bosnia and Herzegovina, their town was not spared from the destruction and poverty that followed the war in which more than 150,000 lives were lost.
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February 28th 2013
Healthy Teeth for Better Child Health
World Vision has joined forces with local health institutions and primary schools to bring oral health check-ups to areas where a bad economic situation and ignorance prevent children and their families from accessing it. More than 1,050 primary school children will benefit from World Vision Bosnia-Herzegovina’s (WV BiH) latest project, Healthy Teeth for Better Child Health, that aims to advance children’s health with the improvement of oral hygiene and teeth health.
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June 17th 2012
Farming in the land of landmines
It’s a warm autumn day on a farm in the vicinity of Doboj, in Central Bosnia and Hercegovina. The cool wind is rustling the leaves and the tall grass around the farm, but the sunshine is abundant, not letting the cold set in just yet. In the field, a lady is collecting corn on the cob and packing it in bags. Once it dries, the corn will be fed to the animals, but the sweet white samples are going to be used for breakfast. Everyone around here loves some corn bread with their morning yoghurt.
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October 29th 2018