Community Case Management Toolkit

This toolkit has been developed building on the rich experience of existing programmes and guidelines. The development of these guidelines entailed a literature review to understand the gaps and needs and a rapid assessment of existing tools, job aids and guidelines by each NO planning to implement CCM or iCCM. The toolkit is a how-to guide to be used for NO policy and strategy, assessment, programme design and planning. It is meant for health managers, at national and ADP levels, to aid in designing and implementing CCM and iCCM of childhood malaria, pneumonia and diarrhoea to achieve child well-being outcomes and targets and to ultimately reduce child morbidity and mortality. Design, monitoring and evaluation (DME) specialists will also find this toolkit useful as many times they are the frontline staff providing assessment and design support to ADPs, yet in many cases they may not have a public health background.

It includes tools for country preparedness, assessment, programme design, monitoring and evaluation and operational tools based on the gaps identified during the rapid assessment phase at each country level. Hence it can be used for new ADPs, ADP redesign and expansion to new geographic areas.

The toolkit includes:

• tools for planning and design

• tools for monitoring and evaluation

• operational tools.