Bringing Back Out of School Children

The project seeks enrolment and retention of 58,000 (55% girls and 45% boys) OOSC in school in Wajir, West Pokot, and Kajiado counties by June 2018.

National Lead Organization: World Vision Kenya

Budget: Kes. 204,049,355

Focal Reach: Wajir County, Kajiado County, and West Pokot County

Duration: 2016 –  2019

Partners: Ministry of Education, UNICEF, Government of Qatar



  • Sensitization of communities on enrolment and retention of children in schools including the most vulnerable
  • Community enrolment drives through door to door campaigns and media campaigns
  • Capacity building of community child protection and education structures to promote enrolment and retention of children to improve their participation and improve child to child monitoring


  • Improved data and information management for educational programming in Wajir, Kajiado and West Pokot Counties
  • Increased enrolment of children, including most vulnerable children to school
  • Build capacity of school BOMS, teachers and community to strengthen systems that facilitate increase in enrolment of children in schools
  • Retention of newly enrolled OOSC children in schools
  • Enhanced coordination of county education partners in improving enrolment and retention for all children in school
  • Improved alternative income generation activities (IGA) among most vulnerable households to support enrolment and retention of their children in school