Community Resilience Enhancement Against Environmental Threats (CREAET)

The project endeavors to reduce environmental degradation in South Alego community by 2017. This will be achieved through enhancing environmental conservation initiatives that are already ongoing by partnering with existing environmental protection groups to scale up nursery tree seedlings raising and planting of fruit and firewood trees in South Alego Location.

The project will also advocate for alternative sources of cooking fuel used by the community by empowering groups to sensitize the community on the existing alternative affordable sources of energy. It will go far in providing resources for groups to make available this energy sources to the community through economic empowerment interventions that will see the community abandon charcoal burning and timber cutting as a source of income.  It will also educate the communities on policies and laws that are related to environmental conservation.

Funding Agencies: World Vision Germany(WVG)

National Lead Organization: World Vision Kenya

Geographical Reach: South Alego Location of Alego Usonga Sub-County in Siaya County

Duration:  (2013 – 2021)

Budget: $238,000

Target Beneficiaries: Target population 25,363; Direct participants 5,000



  • Facilitating community youth groups and school  children (through school environmental clubs) to establish tree nurseries and plant tree seedlings strategically in  water catchments areas, and increase forest cover in public land, trust  land, and private land
  • Agroforestry i.e. fruit tree farming
  • Promoting  use of energy saving stove/jiko technologies among community groups through advocacy initiatives
  • Advocate for use of alternative sources of energy e.g. cow dung charcoal within the communities
  • Economic empowerment through other alternative sources of IGA
  • Collaborating & networking with the Govt. ministries to disseminate information on existing environmental policies & implementation
  • Train environmental management groups to diversify enterprises (e.g. beekeeping, Organic farming)


  • Vegetation cover increased in South Alego Location
  • Enhanced use of renewable energy in South Alego Location